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Onigiri rice balls make the perfect Japanese picnic

Travelling in Japan is easy because you can always pick up good, cheap food from convenience stores, or Combini. Rice balls (Onigiri) are brilliant!

Eat in Tokyo's PARCO department store restaurants for an outdoor rooftop dining experience

Department stores in Japan can be a surprising source of great restaurant and deli food. Parco in Shibuya, Tokyo is a perfect place for lunch.

Try Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki at Okonomi-mura

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake, stacked full of ingredients such as meat, fish and vegetables. At Okonomi-mura in Hiroshima you can try Okonomiyaki from dozens of small restaurants.

Visit Miyajima and experience a stunning Shinto shrine set on a beautiful island

The island of Itsukushima is better known as Miyajima, or Shrine Island and is a beautiful day trip from Hiroshima.

Visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura at Kōtoku-in

Enjoy one of Japan's Buddhist national treasures in rural Kamakura, only an hour from Tokyo and the ideal day trip

Stay at the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya, Tokyo, for great views, spacious rooms and 5-star luxury

This 40-floor luxury hotel in Shibuya is a fabulous place to stay when visiting Tokyo, a perfect Honeymoon location

Tendan Yakiniku restaurant, Kyoto

Visit this yakiniku (barbeque) restaurant in Kyoto for a fun night cooking your own food

Visit the Cerulean Tower's Bellovisto rooftop bar with a view of Tokyo

Enjoy amazing views of Tokyo from the 40th floor at this upmarket hotel bar, a great spot for a special celebration

Explore Kyoto's food specialities in Nishiki Market

A bustling indoor market in the centre of Kyoto

Kagoshima Flower park, Kyushu

Visit this subtropical botanical park at the southern tip of Japan

Climb a volcano in Japan! Hike up Kaimondake in Kyushu

Japan is famous for volcanos, Mount Fuji being the most recognised, but you can hike up smaller volcanoes on some amazing hikes all around Japan.

How to book restaurants in Japan

It's not always easy to contact and speak with restaurants in Japan, so let someone else do it for you!

Visit Nijo castle in Kyoto for an amazing historic and cultural experience

A beautiful Japanese castle with a palace and gardens, an essential part of any trip to Kyoto

Onegiya Fukuromachi izakaya, Hiroshima

An excellent izakaya located in central Hiroshima, with great food and atmosphere

Golden Gai - Tokyo's hidden micro bars

Visit this hidden corner of Shinjuku and drink with the locals

Arashiyama bamboo forest, Kyoto

The touristy but fascinating rural town of Arashiyama near Kyoto has a stunning bamboo forest and other attractions

Experience a Japanese ryokan in style at the Ginsyo hotel in Ibusuki

This seaside resort hotel is in the traditional ryokan style, and features stunning sea views, onsen and great food

Rooftop views of Tokyo from the Metropolitan Government Building

A free way to get an incredible rooftop view of Tokyo

Isetan food hall, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Dazzle your senses in the best deli you've ever seen at Isetan Shinjuku

Shinjuku Gyoen park and gardens

A city centre park with Japanese gardens and big open spaces

Visit the seaside town of Ibusuki for sea views, beaches and hot sand baths

This lovely little seaside town is a great place to spend a night while exploring southern Kyushu, or as a day trip from Kagoshima

Izakaya Hiromichi in Ibusuki, Kyushu, is an intimate sake pub with great food

This izakaya is perfect for an informal meal while staying in Ibuskui

Visit Kamikochi and go hiking in the Japanese mountains

In the mountains of Japan's Honshū island you can go hiking or mountain climbing and stay in hotels, lodges, mountain huts or campsites.

Asakusa and Sensō-ji temple, Tokyo

A bustling market district - and all roads lead to the Sensō-ji Bhuddist temple

See Kamakura on a day trip from Tokyo and visit rural shrines and temples

Get out of Tokyo and take in some fresh air on a trip out to Kamakura where you can see temples and a giant bronze Buddha

Late night food in Shinjuku at Alps izakaya

Cheap eats at a backstreet izakaya in Shinjuku