Stay at the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya, Tokyo, for great views, spacious rooms and 5-star luxury

This 40-floor luxury hotel in Shibuya is a fabulous place to stay when visiting Tokyo, a perfect Honeymoon location

Authored by James, 6th August 2018

Shibuya is a great place to stay while in Tokyo because it's a busy, dense area and offers a lots of the experiences of Tokyo that people want to see when visiting Japan.

Our favourite place to stay in Shibuya is the Cerulean Tower. This 5-star hotel is perfect for couples on honeymoon in Japan or for a treat at the star or end of a holiday in Japan. It's not cheap, but it's a fabulous way to enjoy some luxury and be so close to the action in Shibuya.

The Cerulean Tower hotel is located just up the hill from Shibuya station, and easily accessible on foot via a footbridge and pavements. If you take a taxi then they'll drive you right into the hotel entrance where porters will help you with your luggage.

Rooms at the Cerulean Tower Hotel, Shibuya

For me, the rooms are what make the Cerulean tower special, and in particular, the views of Tokyo from the hotel rooms. There are very few hotels which can compete with the Cerulean tower on the spectacular views available from their hotel rooms.

The rooms themselves are spacious, and very comfortable. They can be a little dated in style, making use of lots of natural wood and marble, but the rooms feel luxurious, airy and are very well appointed. We can recommend the corner king rooms, which have a bathroom to the side and dual-aspect windows offering an even greater view. You can even sit in the bath and look out of the window!

Cerulean Tower Corner King Room (Image courtesy of

Cerulean Tower Corner King Room (Image courtesy of

The beds at the Cerulean Tower are huge. HUGE! They are wider than they are long - and they're pretty long too. Perfect for catching up on your sleep after a long flight or busy days sightseeing.

The corner king rooms even come with a cloakroom / storage room which is about the same size as most budget hotels in Tokyo! It's great to be able to chuck all your suitcases in there and keep the bedroom clear.

But the view - we love picking up a few beers and just sitting in the window seat watching the sunset over Shibuya, it's spectacular!

View from the Cerulean Tower, 33rd floor

View from the Cerulean Tower, 33rd floor

Facilities at the Cerulean Tower Hotel, Shibuya

It's a 5-star hotel, so it has everything. The concierge is a great starting point for services at the hotel, they are very helpful and speak perfect English of course. The concierge at hotels is also a great way to book restaurants in Tokyo.

There are several restaurants in the Cerulean Tower, on the ground floors and at the top of the tower on the 40th floor. The Bellovisto bar offers amazing rooftop views of Tokyo and can be visited even if you're not staying at the hotel. This is a great bar for a honeymoon in Japan, you can sip a glass of champagne while taking in the view.

There's a range of shops, including a 7-Eleven (handy for cheap beers and snacks for your room), a florist and an accessories boutique.

One of the hotel's best features is its health spa and pool. It's worth looking out for special room rates which include the use of these facilities. On one trip to Japan we flew into Tokyo very early one morning and had booked our first night at the Cerulean. Of course, we couldn't check in until 2pm - but we could access the pool. So we spent a very happy few hours relaxing and swimming in the pool, combating the jet lag, then showering and getting dressed in the spacious changing rooms. We could then go out into Shibuya, and by the time we got back to the hotel we could check in and our bags had been delivered to our rooms. Perfect! Do note however that you won't be allowed in the pool or fitness suite if you have a tattoo... this is pretty common across Japan.

The only thing we can't comment on is the breakfast offering - we never did it. Our breakfast was usually a coffee in the room, or something out and about in Shibuya.

Things to do near the Cerulean Tower hotel, Shibuya

What's not to do? Shibuya is one of the busiest and liveliest neighbourhoods in Tokyo with plenty to keep you occupied and amazed.

There's loads of shopping opportunities in Shibuya at the various department stores such as Seibu and Tokyu, plus lots of independent stores and typical high-street fashion brands. The nearby Jingumae district has little streets of small boutique retailers offering high and casual fashion, sportswear and art.

Yoyogi park is a short walk north of Shibuya, which also leads to the Meiji Jingu shrine which is a must-see while visiting Tokyo.

There's a whole range of places to eat and drink around the Cerulean Tower hotel in Shibuya, too. There are expensive and exclusive restaurants high up overlooking the crossroads, lovely small backstreet eateries, isakaya's and yakitori joints. Plenty of little bars exist in the streets to the north west and south of the station.

How to book at the Cerulean Tower Hotel, Shibuya

Visit the Cerulean Tower website, or check the usual booking sites - however we do recommend booking direct as you can guarantee that the room you're booking faces the right way for the best view!

Cerulean Tower floor plan guide

Cerulean Tower floor plan guide