Late night food in Shinjuku at Alps izakaya

Cheap eats at a backstreet izakaya in Shinjuku

Authored by James, 22nd April 2015

If you visit Shinjuku, it's got to be at night time. And if you're up late, this place stays open all hours.

This is a cheap and very casual no-frills izakaya hidden in the back streets of Shinjuku.

If you're up late in Shinjuku and need a bite to eat, this will do you nicely.

It serves all the usual izakaya classic dishes - grilled fish, sushi, various pork and chicken yakitori etc. Ice cold beer and sake served too, of course.

It's pretty noisy and rowdy - we were there about midnight/1am on a Friday night - and it does get smoky as most isakayas are smoking restaurants. But that just adds to the atmosphere, right?!

Typical izakaya food at Alps in Shinjuku

Typical izakaya food at Alps in Shinjuku

How to get there

Here's a Google map of the location of Alps in Shinjuku.

It's just to the north of the huge Shinjuku Toho building, so you can use that as a reference while walking around.